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The idea for making the river guide first came to me the fall of 2011. I was in North Carolina for a quick stop over to visit my girlfriends family and just as it happened the Green Race was happening the same time. I had no idea but figured I must head over to participate. I had only done the Green once a year before at relatively high water levels and I must admit I could not remember one single line. To my disappointment I then realized I was not going to be able to do even one practice lap since the race was happening only two days later. I then started looking up you tube videos of people running the green and found an unedited go pro shot of Isaac Levinson doing a whole race run. In the next day I must have watched the video over 50 times to try to figure out all the lines. Two days later I sat at the put in and heard the starter count down to zero and I was off. I was surprised to see that from just watching a video I could without much difficulty find my way down the river and hit almost every single line. After the race I thought to myself that it would be really cool if every river would have a video of it showcasing it’s highlights, point out lines, portages, put in and take out. That was the start of it all and over the next year it developed into what it is today.
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