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New rivers this month

Perfect river for starting out in whitewater. Used frequently for whitewater safety courses and training. Three main rapids that get more serious the

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The Coulomp river in the southern French alps is a perfect run to gain confidence in fast, cold, non-stop whitewater. Typical in the French alps. Alth

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Big volume, continuous grade 3+/4 (4+) then one 5 rapid at the end. The Noce is glacier fed, so the warmer the day, the more water on the run, and the

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The Adda river is the river that feeds the Lago di Como: one of Italy's most beautiful, picturesque, and touristic areas. It has two well known an

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Most popular rivers

The legend says that around 1999-2001 they used to drive spectators up to this waterfall during the extreme sports week and pay daredevil kayakers to

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The lower Rauma is a full on class 5 run with 9 really big rapids on it ending with the infamous Flemmings drop. If you are a solid class 5 kayaker an

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Welcome to The River Guide!

 The River Guide is a site packed full of rivers all around the world. Here you can browse any river you like and find all the information you need for an upcoming trip. You can also add any of your own runs under the "Add river" tab.

The River Guide also gives away grat prices during special event months. Please check back on this page regularly to find out when the next event starts.

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